State Staff

The State Staff of the

Executive Officer in Maryland

Carl A. Michel, Jr., PSMCExecutive Officer
Randall L. WatsonExecutive Secretary
Robert England, Past EOFinancial Director
Don GoddardAdvisors President
Richard Naegele, MWGMState Advisor at Large
Bill MartinAthletics Director
Bob LumbertAwards Director
Ken Kiessling, PSMCConclave Director
Lee ReichCongress Director
Ken Kiessling, PSMCCommander-Court of Chevaliers
Robert England, Past EOMaryland DeMolay Foundation
Lee ReichDean-Legion of Honor
Randall WatsonRitual Director
Dave DietzWarren Seipp Honorary DeMolay Chapter
Cameron Newman, PSMCWebmaster

Past Executive Officers in Maryland

1928-1929Warren Seipp, MWPGM
1931-1937Edward Shearer
1938-1939Charles Yeager
1940-1942John Zink
1943-1955Egil Steen++
(1950-1980)William P. Jacobs^
1956-1982Charles H. Cover, MWPGM
(1980-1996)Jerald J. Samet++
1983-1992Al Kaestner, PSMC
1993-1995Larry Theis, PSMC
1995-1997Raoul Frevel, PIMC
(1996-2000)Beverly McKay
1997-2007Robert England
(2000-2008)Kurt J. Hamrock
2007-2017William C. Eppig, PSMC
(2008-2015)Al Smith
(2015-2017)Kenneth Fuller, MWPGM of DC


(YEARS) – Executive Officer of Nation’s Capital DeMolay

^ – Personal Representative in District of Columbia (Chapters were still part of Maryland)

++ – Past Grand Master of DeMolay International

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